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Environmental Management

We pride ourselves in our ability to identify and implement innovative, cost effective solutions to meet your project needs. In many cases project impacts can be mitigated at the project design phase or by restoring disturbed areas upon project completion. In those cases where disturbance or footprint impacts cannot be mitigated we have the expertise to assist you with any habitat compensation requirements. Our specialities include:

  • Fish passage improvement
  • Instream habitat improvements
  • Riparian area restoration
  • Post-construction monitoring
  • Aquatic and terrestrial habitat assessments
  • Environmental management and project permitting
  • Environmental monitoring during construction
  • Erosion and sediment control planning, and monitoring
  • Fish passage assessments and restoration
  • Habitat restoration and compensation - design and construction
  • Phase 1 Site Assessments
  • Post construction monitoring of constructed habitat
  • Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) assessments and planning

Polaris Environmental has extensive experience in terrestrial and aquatic habitat assessments, and other biophysical inventories, including species at risk surveys, and Phase 1 site Assessments. Our services include:

  • Aquatic habitat surveys using defensible criteria such as the Fish Habitat Assessment Procedures (FHAP), Resource Inventory Standards Committee (RISC), or other applicable guidelines to evaluate habitat quality and fish species presence and abundance
  • Riparian habitat assessments including surveys consistent with the Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR), and municipal bylaws
  •  Terrestrial habitat and species inventories
  • Phase 1 Site Assessments to evaluate historical land use and potential sources of contamination
  • Species at risk surveys including inventories and habitat suitability assessments



Our professional staff have extensive experience on a wide variety of projects and in different sectors, including working in a multi disciplinary environment and collaborating with other consultants, designers and engineers.

The key to completing a successful project is having an efficient plan, and being able to adapt to changing conditions. Polaris has a wide range of experience to assist with all your project planning and permitting needs and to adapt and modify plans as necessary. We offer a wide range of planning and permitting services including:

  • Construction environmental monitoring including, work area isolation, water diversion, site dewatering and aquatic life salvage
  • Environmental management plans
  • Erosion and sediment control plans and monitoring
  • Project permitting and planning including liaison with regulatory agencies, and stakeholders and other public consultation 

Habitat restoration