Many municipalities have adopted the Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) or have developed their own streamside protection bylaws to define setbacks along watercourses. Polaris can assist you with determining how these regulations may affect your project, and if necessary help you develop a suitable mitigation or restoration plan.

If you are considering or planning a property purchase or redevelopment you may be interested in or required to provide information about historical land use and potential sources of contamination before you act. Polaris can assist you with your Site Assessment needs and provide you with information to act accordingly.



Terrestrial habitat includes vegetated upland areas not associated with watercourses that may be used by wildlife. Polaris can determine which if any regulations may apply to your project and coordinate any assessments that may be required.

Aquatic habitat assessments are often an essential first step in developing your project design. Regulations for protection of aquatic habitat may limit which areas can be developed and therefore identifying these areas at early stage will assist in planning your project, and maximizing the efficiency of any regulatory review process.